BratPrincess - Natalya, Lizzy Lamb Tiny Girls Head Squashed By Bigger Girls Butt  FullHD 1080p mp4 09.2018

Lizzy is so small compared to Natalya! The girls stand side by side each other in lingerie and talk about all the ways in which Lizzy’s petite body is different from Natalya’s larger frame. Natalya thinks that she could pick tiny Lizzy right up off the ground and carry her. She tries it, picking Lizzy right up and throwing her over her shoulder. Then, Natalya throws Lizzy onto the bed. The girls giggle as Natalya pins Lizzy down. Natalya tickles Lizzy’s ribs as she cries out. Natalya starts to realize that she could do whatever she wants to Lizzy, as she can be so easily physically overpowered. Lizzy starts to get a little scared and tells Natalya to stop throwing her around, but Natalya doesn’t want to stop, and Lizzy is too small and weak to make her. Natalya sits her big butt right on little Lizzy’s head. Giggling turns to terror as Lizzy realizes she cannot breathe while pinned under all of Natalya’s weight. Lizzy tries to cry out, but Natalya’s ass muffles the sound. Eventually, Lizzy goes very still underneath Natalya. Natalya realizes that Lizzy has lost consciousness while pinned under her ass. Lizzy’s small body is now completely limp. With a morbid fascination, Natalya plays with the girl’s limbs while she is out. Natalya is disappointed that she has apparently broken another playmate and throws a bit of a tantrum when she realizes that Lizzy won’t wake back up.
AmericanMeanGirls - Princess Beverly, Goddess Brooke My Foot Slave Is Better Than Your Foot Slave  FullHD 1080p mp4 09.2018

Princess Beverly claims to have the best foot slave in the whole world. Superior Goddess Brooke isn't so sure and asks Princess Beverly what is so great about her foot slave? Princess Beverly demonstrates her foot slave's ability by commanding him to suck her high heel as Superior Goddess Brooke looks on. Superior Goddess Brooke thinks her slave can do just as good a job if not better and makes her slave suck her heel so they can simultaneously compare the slave's performances. Princess Beverly's slave sucks her entire heel length without any problems but Superior Goddess Brooke's slave gags on the heel as Superior Goddess Brooke forces it down his throat over and over. Superior Goddess Brooke is not happy with her slave and tells him he has to learn how to deepthroat without making any gagging noises!
TeaseAndThankYou - Mistress Mandy Marx Thank You Mistress  FullHD 1080p mp4 09.2018

Relentlessly training a "Thank You Mistress" out of my slave after each edging, raunchy stroke tease. The pitch of this scene rises to feverish, with each desperate "Thank You," until I need to slow down so I don't get too distracted, even myself. Highlights of a crazy edging session, filled with eternal gratitude.
FemdomEmpire - Raven Bay Owned by Raven  FullHD 1080p mp4 09.2018

Your dream of being completely owned by Goddess Raven is officially a reality as she transforms you into the perfect bitch boy. Ohh you thought being a slave was going to be easy? You thought you got to decide what she owns, controls and takes from you? You were wrong! Your mind, your body and your wallet now belong to your Goddess whether you like it or not.