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She is one of those Asian girls that likes to be watched. Even when she is with you in public. Yup, she is not wearing panties and her shirt is transparent and exposes her perky tits and hard nipples! She likes taking selfies with her phone, and gets more and more sexy with her poses. She starts off between cute and sexy with kissy faces and sticking out her tongue innocently. When she realize you are jerking off to her, she starts to take off her clothes and showing her perky tits and her dripping wet pussy in public street while people walking all around! She continues teasing and encourages you to stroke your cock. When you’re close, she gets on her knees and gives you a cum countdown and begs you to come all over her face ~ people starring at her while she is on her knees and sticking out her tongue! LOL! Dont you wish your girlfriend was this much fun!