PlayboyPlus - Mia Valentine Aqua Pura  FullHD 1080p mp4 08.2018

Enjoying a relaxing pool day all to herself is the absolutely lovely International beauty, Mia Valentine. Originally from Guatemala City, but now living in New York City, this gorgeous brunette is a well-experienced model, and is so thrilled to be shooting her third pictorial for Playboy Plus. “I’ve always dreamed of doing Playboy,” she tells us smiling. “Everyone around the world knows Playboy and what it stands for. For me to be a small part of that history feels really special,” she tells us. Getting comfortable with the photographer, Liz Stewart, Mia loses her bright red swimsuit in no time and begins to run her soft hands all over her all natural curves. “I have no problems with nudity. I've always been comfortable showing off my skin,” she says proudly. Watch as this captivating lady gets playful, showing us her most intimate parts as she takes a dip in the pool. When it comes to men, this lady has a bit of a type. “As cliche as it sounds, what I look for is a sense of humor,” she says. “If a guy can make me laugh, then I'm interested.” And in the bedroom, she has a few unique turn-ons. “Hands down my biggest turn on? Physically, I have a weird thing for hands. I love strong looking hands. Also, beards are hot!” If you can’t get enough of Mia, leave her some love in the comments to bring her back, only here on Playboy Plus! 
PlayboyPlus - Bexie Williams Dream Come True  FullHD 1080p mp4 07.2018

Newcomer Bexie Williams makes all your dreams come true with this enchanting second pictorial from the photographer, Cassandra Keyes. On the set of a beautiful open home in Bali, Indonesia. Bexie is dressed in gorgeous white lingerie and tall heels. Watch as she struts around her home flipping her bright blonde hair from side to side, making her way to the bedroom. Here is where all the magic happens, as this beautiful blonde gets right to business, undressing so elegantly from her bra and panties to reveal an all natural nude figure, so captivating, it will have you counting the days until her next set. “My dream was always to move to Bali and two years ago I took the leap and did it,” she tells us. “Now I live on a tropical island with my three rescue dogs and my five rescue kittens,” says this animal lover. “I regularly foster stray puppies and fix them up so they're ready to be adopted.” When she’s not modeling or doing good for animals, you can usually find Bexie doing yoga or taking in some vitamin D. “I love hitting the gym and dancing! I walk my dogs on the beach every day, it’s my meditation,” she says thoughtfully. “I also read and sunbathe as much as I can.” If you just can’t get enough of this English babe, Bexie Williams, let her know in the comments below, right here on Playboy Plus!
PlayboyPlus - Demi Fray, Heidi Michel, Kristie Taylor, Lilii, Niemira Mashup: Beach Bodies Vol.2  FullHD 1080p mp4 07.2018

Keep on celebrating the summer heat with this Beach Bodies Mashup. For the second time around, we’re bringing you a compilation of some of our recent favorite sandy sets that we’re sure you’re going to love. First up, Niemira is kicking up sand as she runs down the shore with nothing but a t-shirt and panties on. With her skin perfectly sun-kissed, and her hair all wet from the sea, she’s having a blast as photographer, David Merenyi captures all of her natural beauty. Soon enough, you’ll even see underwater shots of her succulent breasts, and so much more. After Niemira, we have the stunning fan favorite, Lilii on the beach in hot Uruguay. Taking in the sun, Lilii rolls her all-natural body in the sand as the wind blows her dirty blonde hair. Showing off her perfectly toned figure, it’s no mystery that she works hard for such a dreamy body. “I love to train and take care about my body,” says Lilii. “I like to be in shape and I think I have great boobs.” If you agree, stick around for the rest of the gorgeous beach babes in this special Mashup, right her on Playboy Plus!
PlayboyPlus - Anastasiia Dangerous Desires  FullHD 1080p mp4 07.2018

Looking like she just hopped off her motorcycle, is the gorgeous International model, Anastasiia. For the third time on Playboy Plus, this lady is bringing her all natural curves and playful spirit to your screen — this time in a black bodysuit and a striking leather jacket. With a sultry gaze in her eyes and a sly smile on her face, you’ll fall totally into lust with this experienced model. First watch as she teases her straps, only to reveal her succulent, round breasts. Before you know it, she’s totally nude atop a gold couch with the most inviting look in her eyes. Get to know more about this dangerous babe, right here, only on Playboy Plus!
PlayboyPlus - Fatima Kojima Light Hearted  FullHD 1080p mp4 07.2018

Very pleased to meet you, is the stunning new Amateur model, Fatima Kojima. On the set of a beautiful backyard patio with the photographer, Liz Stewart, this newcomer is dressed in a bright red skirt, and tie top to display her slender, all-natural figure. Swaying her hips to the music, Fatima is ecstatic to be here. “I love posing nude,” she tells us with a big smile. “I’ve been modeling since I was 14-years-old, and now, fulfilling my dream since I was 16-years-old of working with Playboy!” Get a good look at her flawless figure as she slowly but surely unties her top to reveal one of her favorite physical assets. “My nipples,” she tells us. “They’re always pointy. I’ve always been known for them — small breasts but the nipples are always alive,” she laughs. Next, you have a totally nude Fatima, giving us some of her most graceful poses. “I love creating good energy — giving a feeling for people to connect to — you find that through my eyes,” she adds. When it comes to the opposite sex, this lady loves the companionship of a significant other. “I am perfectly fine being single but I love to share a connection, life, and experiences with someone else.” If you are loving Fatima just like we are, stick around for more of this lovely model, right here, only on Playboy Plus!
PlayboyPlus - Sabrisse Fox Passionate Vision  FullHD 1080p mp4 07.2018

Cuddle up with the sweet International model, Sabrisse in this new pictorial from the photographer, David Merenyi. Dressed in all white and cute leg warmers, Sabrisse looks sexy yet so delicate as she spends the afternoon relaxing on her couch. Throwing her hair from left to right to the music, this irresistible model gets right to business with the biggest grin on her face. First, comes her white sports bra, and next, her boy shorts, as the camera gives you a close of view of her most intimate parts. “I feel the best when I am naked,” she tells us in her endearing accent. “So it’s always a pleasure to work as an erotic model.” When it comes to the bedroom, Sabrisse likes someone who can be intimate in every way. “The most important thing a guy can do in the bedroom is cuddle me,” she says with a twinkle in her eye. “My best sex advice to both men and women is to be yourself,” she adds, telling us that it’s so important to tell each other what you like and dislike. If you’re enjoying this pictorial, let this captivating beauty Sabrisee know in the comments below, right here on Playboy Plus!
PlayboyPlus - Willa Prescott Divine Destination  FullHD 1080p mp4 07.2018

For her third pictorial as your July Cybergirl of the Month, the beautiful Willa Prescott is looking for a way back to the big city. “The last look we did was a super freakin’ cute hitchhiker,” laughs Willa. “So I had this little sign, and I was like help, take me to Log Angeles,” she explains, still giggling. Dressed in jean shorts, sneakers, a lace bra and a leather jacket, Willa looks casual and cute on set in sunny California with the photographer, Cassandra Keyes. Walking amongst the hot gravel and tall trees, Willa takes in the hot sun as she ditches her bra and shorts, revealing her all-natural, totally dreamy figure. Enjoying the great outdoors, Watch as Willa shows you all the curves of her flawless figure with a sweet and sultry grin on her face. “I am long and skinny,” she says of herself. “My favorite part about myself are my legs. I’m probably a 32DD, sometimes DDD.” When it comes to men, Willa sees the best of both worlds. “Single is really fun but being in a relationship is much more rewarding,” she explains. “I always look for someone who will be my best friend. I care less about what they look like and more about what their personality is like.” Befriend this gorgeous model, right here, only on Playboy Plus!