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Ramon is a bit of a reckless perv. When work buds are away, he pulls out his member and clicks over to his favorite smut peddlers, Reality Kings dot com. But some hardware issues get in the way, forcing him to invite the lithe and bubbly technician MacKenzie Moss in to save him from this mess. Why bother watching porn when your IT girl is begging to be gagged and railed over your pristine desk, shoving aside her immaculate pencil skirt to go balls deep as she moans and begs for more… Tech girls are the craziest in bed. And there isnt even a bed in this scene!
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You cant play Katana Kombat. Shes young, hot, and full of fire, but that doesnt mean she was born yesterday. If youre married to a girl like that, you dont fuck around. You dont even THINK about it, because they can sense it. They FEEL it. But they are also quick to action. If you cross the line, theyll dive over it. You kissed a girl? Shes going to suck some cock. Wrap her tongue lovingly around it in sweet, spit-filled revenge. Riding cock with that dancer body, slamming her ass cheeks into his pelvis as she pushes him deeper and deeper, moaning his name as she imagines you, pitifully ignorant, going about your normal business. You started it, and shell finish him.