- Eurasian Persuasion Chastity Challenge  FullHD 1080p mp4 11.2018

After months of phone calls and distance assignments we finally meet in person for the first time. We enjoy a great dinner and now I’m modelling the sexy lingerie you bought me. I know you’ve never been locked in chastity before and I also know that you’re a chronic masturbator. so you need this more than anything. It may hurt if you think about sex so try not to ok? As soon as I lock your cock up my tone changes and I tell you that I’m keeping you overnight….24 hr minimum as discussed. Likely longer depending on how hard to try to please me. Are you changing your mind after all those phone calls? Watch me drop the key into my cleavage and down against my pussy lips…Too late to turn back as that cock belongs to ME.MP4 * 289 MB * 00:06:35 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
Tiny Chaste – Chastity Training - Asian Goddess Nyssa Golden Claws  HD 720p mp4 06.2018

Asian Goddess Nyssa has some new rhinestone studded gold metal claws and she needed a victim to try them on. From flicking caresses to sharp edges digging into my caged cock and tender balls, I never know what to expect. One moment she sensually tickles, the next, pain as the sharp claw tips prick my skin. All delivered with Nyssa’s captivating smile